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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bartlet Health Walk  Continuing fight to save the Bartlet


Chairman has written the following ;

“Perhaps in reading the recent Local press, you may have reached the conclusion that B.B.A.G. has folded  and to mess up Mark Twains well known quotation 'the newspaper reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated'.

As you will be aware our General Hospital (refurbished to the tune of £1. 70 million), now named Felixstowe Community Hospital is open, fully modernised, but shipping in the Patients food from Cambridge and currently short of accommodation for the Foot Clinic, but then that’s progress for you, a display of the wisdom in developing the miniscule General Hospitals site in preference to the spacious Bartlet site, is beyond human comprehension.

The group are planning a Health Walk in support of our continuing fight for the Bartlet.  we will be walking along Felixstowe sea front from the site of the destroyed Herman de Stern (another disgrace) to the location of the Bartlet Convalescent Home, all of the route is on the flat and we hope as many supporters and friends will turn out to demonstrate this communities continuing objection to Suffolk Primary Care Trust's proposal to sell the Bartlet in order that a private developer can make big profits. Everyone is welcome to join us.”

Many thanks for your continuing support

Chairman and Committee

B.B.A.G. Still Alive

and Well