Storms Curtail Demolition Work Felixstowe
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Storms Curtail Demolition Work Felixstowe south Seafront Land

Demolition Work on the Coastguard Cottages was  curtailed due to the storm conditions  at the Felixstowe South Seafront 10 march 2008. All work came to a standstill as the expected high winds reached the Suntrap. Felixstowe again escaped serious damage as the high winds gusted south west. Walking on the promenade when it was safe to do so at low tide was quite difficult and the picture right shows not a soul in sight for whole the length of the prom. Electricity cables came down in Beach Station Road  and police had to cordon it off for safety reasons as the cables were lashed wildly around by the gale force winds.

Windy conditions and not a soul in sight Felixstowe promenade 10 March 2008

Coastguard Cottages not a demolition expert in sight

Road Cordoned of Electricity cables down in Beach station Road

Too windy even for surfers ?

as white seahorse waves break out to sea at Felixstowe