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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bartlet Health Walkers Brave Elements

There was a remarkable turn out of people  in connection with the Bartlet health Walk on 16th March 2008 the brave people who were prepared to confront the elements and the PCT on the matter of the Bartlet’s rightful return to the people of East Suffolk. With  near gale force winds and rain  the group made it from the assembly point where the Herman De Stern Home once stood  along the promenade to the Hut near to the Bartlet. The  continued  real need for the Bartlet facility  becomes more apparent each day to everyone , it seems other than the PCT

The podiatry clinic has had to move into the Bartlet Annexe because there is no foot room in the new community hospital

Walkers warming up with a cup of tea  after the ordeal

Passing the war memorial