Coastguard Cottages Felixstowe Vandalism
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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7th November 1944 a Flying Fortress Bomber parts Crashed onto the Coastguard Cottages. The plane crashed in the Langer Road area of Felixstowe and was on a training mission testing a new type of beam bombing radar system.. It broke up in mid air and the fuselage fell on coastguard cottages killing three members of the RAF Regiment and causing considerable damage

What the ravages of war did not accomplish the council will soon proudly perform in the demolition of the Coastguard Cottages, on the South Seafront Land at Felixstowe. Famous names have been  connected with these, namely  Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill The buildings are being removed so that the  Felixstowe South Seafront Scheme can do ahead and this is before the sea defence works have even commenced. They have stood empty since residents were evicted at the start of the hotly debated scheme. One rather implausible reason for their destruction put forward was the fear of vandalism. But the question is who are the real vandals at Felixstowe.?

Coastguard Cottages

Coastguard Cottages

Plane Crash Damage

20 March 2008

   Coastguard Cottages Demolition Felixstowe Vandelism

25 March 2008

27 March 2008

Another Felixstowe treasure destroyed, now sadly just a flattened stretch of earth where once stood the historic and beautiful coastguard cottages. Queen Victoria would certainly not been amused to see this vandalism and Sir Winston Churchill would have sorted the perpetrators out long ago.

4 April 2008