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The Development Debate

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Felixstowe 7 July 2004 A Timely Warning

Pictures  of  Danger of Power of the Sea with Rough Seas Gales and High Winds

Design Committee being advised to give the go ahead for planning permission to build houses within metres of this ......When lives are lost the advisors will not be available  but the committee will be blamed for the loss of life.

Professional photographer gets close shots of the power and might of the sea

Felixstowe Promenade awash giving frightening warning of worse to come the next time Wind is North East with Winter tides

Thank goodness for weather forecast warnings of rough weather so the flood gates were closed this happens usually up to 1st of May proving the changes in weather patterns  and the foolishness of even now contemplating building on the flood plain

Above . A fisherman  hides from the waves  and finds the power of the waves too much to fish.

Left . the new safety railings get their first christening  as the sea buffets the freshly installed tarmac

Warning Power of the Sea