2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

Rebekah's Dragon Returns to Felixstowe Unable to Access Walkway

Rebekah’s Dragon Flew into Felixstowe again 1st April 2008 for a brief holiday ( will leave before St Georges’s Day) and was a bit disappointed  at the lack of space under the disabled walk way (her normal sleeping abode)  on the Felixstowe South Seafront. Tides had filled up the accommodation.This can be seen in the photo on the left. The noise of the concrete breaking drill also meant a short trip further round the Felixstowe Bay to find a luxurious empty standing convalescent home  equipped with fireproof dragon tunnel for early morning swim access which will mean a 5 star stay at the suntrap. Although dragon logic was defeated as to why the home was empty when the health authority was looking for space to be able to supply proper health care to those living in the area, it could be that it is an April fool’s joke played out all the year round by the said authorities.

Rebekah was also a little concerned about being used for target practice  when it was announced that Mark Murphy a well known local radio presenter was hoping to join the England Olympic Archery Team as he was a crack shot, but was pleased that perhaps the St Edmund Flag instead of St George could be used at Beijing, but an interview with Karen Pickering put doubts on this possibility.

Rebekah’s Dragon Drawn By a Talented  Bristol School Girl on Suntrap Holidays.

Disabled Walk Way Underneath Limited Space

South Seafront Building Site

A Mark Murphy Ugly Mug

Mark Murphy Crack Shot

Concrete Breaking Drill

There Be dragons Here Dragon tunnel

Once Leading Convalescent Home empty