Housing Plans Protest at Felixstowe
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Housing  Plans Protest Continues  at Felixstowe

Protest against 1620 homes

Plans to build 1620 homes in the area have met with continued opposition  and adverse  comments from all parts of Felixstowe and district.

200 people or so were turned away from one council meeting concerning this, such was the interest in the proceedings.

Those inside were not impressed when the majority political party read a prepared statement  with the decision as to the development recommendations which was obviously prepared before the debate.

This led many to question whether real representation was in fact taking place.

A distressing comment was made that more decisions were made at a local bar than council meetings which did not say much for the democratic process.

Steve Brown the Development Planning Officer from  Suffolk Council said that the meeting was only the first in  a succession of consultations on the matter.


Consultation is it a Joke?

Consultation = A conference between two or more people to consider a particular question

term ‘dialogue’ means a continual exchange of views and information, and suggests a two-way process of sharing knowledge and opinions and working together. This means that when we consult you, we listen to what you have to say and we act upon it.

Do They ?



a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them

Do They?

Like a puppet on a string

Are Councillors Like  Puppets on a String?

Does a political block vote system lead to good decisions in local government?  Is it democracy in action  ? These are the questions being asked in Felixstowe at the present time.

South Seafront Consultation Farce.

Many residents recall the promised consultations on this scheme which from the very outset was  so vehemently opposed  and rejected.

The suggestions by interested parties preservation societies  and the like ignored, and it is noted that the scheme is to  take place with little change  from the original proposals.

The political apathy that this has engendered has given rise to a malaise and lack of involvement by stake holders in the area.

Additions to the Blob Plan Below

Some of the West Ward Councillors updated the blob plan  as to where the houses should be built and the map below shows the proposed New area 6 as a suggested site. Public debate has been urged on this suggestion before the close of the consultation period.

The need for sufficient infrastructure to accommodate such building is obviously now the prime need. The delay in providing good enough rail links transport and all the needed support services needs immediate action. The  continuing crisis on the A14 with operation stack and the number of lorries expected to continue increase does not bode well for the stated quality of life for present residents let alone the additional house building plans.