Sea defence Work Gathers Momentum

Felixstowe South Seafront Beach is being cleared  of  Rocks and Groynes 28 March 2008. This is ready for the expected arrival of the dredger and the beach recharge.

The beach view is one as it has not been seen since the building of Felixstowe Promenade and beach breakwaters going back a 100 years or so. Rocks that were placed to save the prom from collapsing into the sea are being removed with the old concrete from the groynes which is being broken up for recycling. A promenade crossing attendant is present for public safety as the heavy plant crosses the prom, transporting the material to the base.

A View of the South Seafront beach

Wood torn out from the Original Groynes

Promenade Crossing Patrol Felixstowe

Rocks Being  Transported

Concrete Being Broken Up for Recycling

2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

Sea Defence Work Clearing Felixstowe South Seafront Beach