2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

Felixstowe’s Oldest Daily Litter Picker

And Still Going Strong

Felixstowe’s Oldest  Daily Litter Picker and still going strong.

Tony Bleek 79 next month must be one of the oldest daily litter pickers in the area, he can be seen around the South Seafront Area of Felixstowe every day and only the severest weather will see him missing his daily pick. If a gale is blowing making it  difficult to hold a bag let alone pick up litter or if it is  pouring with rain (rare at the suntrap) will he fail to make an appearance.

Tony is a listed litter picker and always carries his picker stick and a bag in the boot of his car.

Tony’s devotion is probably the reason why from the Tacon Road to the Manor End of Felixstowe is always so litter free even when so neglected by the council.

Tony Bleek

Another can bites the dust

Tony keeps Both sides of Flood Gates Clean