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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Building Folly Felixstowe Lunacy and Reality

Building Folly Lunacy and Reality

High  North Easterly Winds brought more spectacular seas to the Suntrap

18 April 2008.

Checkpoint Charlie was cut off at one point as the tide came in. It was a question of a quick timed dash past the entrance to the sea defence base camp, or a drenching from the waves lapping the promenade .

Sightseers could be forgiven for agreeing with the Evening Star writer when suggesting a good use for the Martello Tower would be a lunatic asylum for those behind the building plans on the south Seafront flood Plain.

The rationale for commencing building as soon as the beach is recharged would seem a little fool hardy to those watching the power and extent of the sea crashing down towards the area soon to have the planned housing.

Is it folly? Is it lunacy? Some doubt’s were expressed as to if the planners were in touch with reality? If not on the same planet as normal mortals!

Restricted Passing at Checkpoint Charlie

Prime Building Land ? Is it Folly? Or perhaps Lunacy?

Birds eye View of the South seafront hopefully soon to be protected by 21  ‘T’ shaped Groynes

Who left the tap on ?

Defence Work Beach Access ramp taking battering