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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bomb on Beach Felixstowe South Seafront

Bomb found on beach Felixstowe  South Seafront.

The South seafront was cordoned off today 21 April 2008 when a bomb was found on the beach being cleared to make the groynes for the needed sea defences

Bomb disposal experts were called from Portsmouth to deal with this, and emergency shelter places were opened for the people living in the area who needed to be evacuated.

Police were stopping all cars from entering the scene with advice to spend the night with friends until the danger of explosion was averted.

Parents were asked to collect their children from the Langer Road Primary School and the children were pleased to learn that they would be having a day off tomorrow until the danger is over.

Local radio and television services have kept everyone informed concerning the situation, and Felixstowe TV has produced an up to the minute video of events.

The bomb disposal team hope to carry out a controlled explosion at sea at 2.0pm tomorrow 22 April 2008