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The Development Debate

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Information dragged  out of the Councillors! Concerning secret revised plans for Felixstowe South Seafront land  which was once set aside for Recreation and Leisure use.

Now 159 Houses are to be build on the flood plain with only 10% affordable


Houses to be build on Flood Plain

Will Council  use out of Date Traffic Evaluation  to justify  revised proposals. Will the 30% affordable housing applied to builders elsewhere only be 10% for this joint council project?

Let me out

Do  you need a Jim the Barber type sense of humour  in dealing with these planners ?

Only 16

Affordable ?

Houses in the continuing fiasco

Do as I say not as I do

Freedom of Information no Transparent Government

Just a few metres from where the houses are to be built  there is a need for constant repairs to sea defences  as can be seen from these pictures what a folly !