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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bomb not lost but mislaid
The numerous press reports and interviews that are taking place concerning the illusive world war 2  1000 lb bomb

Bomb at Felixstowe Not Lost But Mislaid

Another seeking mission

Looking for the explosive water plume when the bomb is exploded

Divers off for another search


that is proving difficult to find. Seem to indicate that the bomb is not ‘lost’ but more like “I just cant put my hand on it at the moment” type thing. Not a lot of people would wish to change places with the divers in such a hazardous job, in murky cold conditions. However  any day now,that which was lost will be found, hopefully.
Have we gotten too used to the incessant ‘ speke’ and have started to actually believe the information fed to us by media , councils and the like.? Day by day?
The Lord taught some good lessons in the stories of that which was lost and found.
The Lost Coin the woman swept the house, the coin was lost but then found.
The shepherd went to seek the lost sheep and rejoiced when it was found.
The father lost his son (the prodigal) but he returned and was certainly found.
‘Speke’ lost and found
The Bartlet was been closed to improve care in the community which is not working now yet alone the future.  Lost for the reason it was given , never to be found.
‘Speke’  What is the real truth
The council say that building 158 houses on a flood plain  on the south seafront land supposed to be set aside for recreation and leisure at Felixstowe is a ‘park’  but in reality it would appear to be a mere building site.  
It’s an ill wind!
Residents of the retirement homes evacuated because of the bomb fears, found themselves in posh hotels , for some the first time ever, in their lives !
Their night’s stay was described as a mini holiday.!