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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Tomline Transit Integrated Felixstowe Plan
Tomline Transit Integrated Plan Idea for the Felixstowe Peninsula
On the 131st birthday of the Tomline Line which falls on 30th April 2008, the diagrams on the left were put forward as an idea for a much needed Felixstowe Peninsula integrated transit plan.
This would be  a way of ; re-using  the 19th Century rail infrastructure for 21st
Century community travel which could  connect -
Pupils to schools
Tourist to resort
Essex to Suffolk
Dockworkers to Port
etc etc etc
It would also -
Improve sustainability while reducing community carbon footprint
Contribute greatly to resort regeneration
Provide many sustainable business opportunities
Improve walking/cycling opportunities thereby improving health
Provide Green Travel plans for the Port of Felixstowe, BT and other businesses
Would be impervious to road blockage!!!
Maximum social-economic benefit to the most deprived North, South and West Ward areas and also to the rest of the Felixstowe peninsula.
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Usually it is said when such brilliant changes are suggested that past worthies must be turning in their graves ! But with this suggestion no doubt they would be rushing to the board room with Colonel Tomline probably chairing the proceedings .
Colonel Tomline