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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Beach Recharge Pipe Line Laid Felixstowe
The beach recharge pipe  line has been laid on Felixstowe  Beach in order to pump shingle and sand to the shore. This was brought from Holland via the Lincolnshire coast by 4 tugs  and is more than  2 km long. The operation was exciting to see with the line being gentle allowed to sink to the bottom  as the divers opened air valves allowing it to fill with water. The pumping is expected to begin  towards the of next week

Divers leaping from the tug to secure the end of the pipe line
Gently Manipulating the pipe line
Divers working on the valves
Pipe line with divers standing by
Fountains of the deep released
Tugs out to sea dwarfed by incoming container ship
The pipe line gradually sinking