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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Prom Security Fence Awash Felixstowe
Bank Holiday Monday 26 May 2008 saw the sea defence security fence awash with the high north easterly winds prevailing at the suntrap. Workmen from the Van Oord Team had to move some of the structure to prevent damage. The teams port a loo looked at one point as if it might truly become portable with waves smashing against it. Hardy dog walkers risked waves in getting past the works fencing in order to walk the promenade
Security fencing moved  by waves  on the South Seafront
Prom awash with waves at Felixstowe end of May 2008
Dog  puts on its anchor to having to jump over flooded prom water
Workmen saving the fence from the waves assault on the  sea defence security fence
Waves roar in adjacent to where the council intends to build on the South Seafront Floodplain at Felixstowe