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The Development Debate

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Felixstowe Gridlock...and more to come thanks to the council plans

Gridlock... Felixstowe South Sea Front 1st May 2005

Residents annoyed that on a usual trip lasting a few minutes was taking twenty and wonder if Suffolk Coastal's revised plan to build 159 houses on land presently used to park by visitors is going to make life intolerable during the summer months?

The Possibility the blocking of the Entrance to Britain's Largest Container Port , now looks as if it might take place.

To use an out of date traffic assessment would seem to fly in the face of common sense and the future comfort of both residents and visitors to the Suntrap of the East Coast

Going no-where

Police having difficulty in getting out

Hoping no Fire or Accident Emergencies

Full Stop

Find a spot if you can

A Cut off  Manor Terrace