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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Promenade Security  Fence Restored Felixstowe
Prom Security Fence Restored
The Felixstowe Promenade sea defence works Security Fence has been quickly restored after being awash over  the Bank Holiday
26 May 2008,  and the beach awaits recharge  materials  so  more groynes can be put in place towards the Manor End at Felixstowe. The Sea Road Car Park needs a further clean up to remove the shingle brought in by the high winds over the weekend.
The seafront gardens are still looking rather forlorn because of the salt damage but are actually showing signs of new growth after the heavy pruning that was carried out.
Several visitors have expressed disappointment on the appearance of the groynes that have been constructed which at the moment look like a pile of rocks  but it is hoped that these will look better when shingle is placed round them. Whether the artists impression of what the scheme will look like comes to pass remains to be seen.
Council spin on their plans for south seafront development has been a disaster for Felixstowe but the friendly efficiency of the Van Oord workers has been a pleasant surprise as the breach recharge  work continues.
Sea Road Car Park covered in shingle once more
Rock climbing on Felixstowe Seafront ?
Groyne Building not just a pile of rocks
Artists Impression  a suntrap paradise