Beach Recharge Felixstowe Scale of Operation
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Beach Recharge Felixstowe Operation Scale

Felixstowe Beach Recharge 14 June 2008

The scale of the beach recharge at Manor End Felixstowe can be seen in some perspective  from these pictures. The work has reached the end of the promenade  area  with the dumper tracks continually ferrying the  material from the pipe area and dumping it to bring the beach level up. The driver expertise  in stopping just in time from going over the edge must be admired. Wet  sand dunes on the Sarah Desert might well describe the situation. It will be ideal for a children’s  mammoth sand castle making competition providing it doesn’t all wash out to sea again.

Where the wooden Groynes have been removed in front of the Manor Club in order to heighten the beach the shingle has mostly disappeared leaving a  sandy look  and proving the wisdom of our forbears as to sea defence, with the construction and maintenance of these to keep the sea at bay. This is particularly noticeable in historical books on Felixstowe brought out by Phil Hadwen,John Smith, Ray Twidale,Peter White and Neil Wylie, showing when times where hard and money scarce, the maintenance of sea defences must have been taken very seriously.

The folly of not doing so can be seen  all along Felixstowe’s Sea Front lets hope lessons will now be learnt  from the past mistakes.

Beach  in front of Manor Minus wooden Groynes

Beach in front of Manor with Groynes

DamBoard Gate the Beach is now nearly as high as the gate will the council  now build houses  below  the  beach level ???

Lets Hope a North Easterly Gale Does  Not roll the Waves up like this picture.

Bulldozer levelling the beach  in front of the promenade end.

Manor Wall DamBoards