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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Will Camels soon be able to roam on Felixstowe beach?

Will Felixstowe South Seafront soon be like a tropical oasis and not merely the Suntrap of the East Coast ?

The beach recharge continues 24 hours round the clock according to the tide situation.

As can be seen in the pictures below  the before and after scenes at the end of the promenade are quite significant. The beach recharge has now reached to the front of the Manor Club.

Now that the beach level here is  just below the top of the wall will the need for the permanent safety fence be necessary?  .People occupying the caravans will be able to just dive into the bracing North sea for a breakfast dip.

The wall here was built to repel the water as can be seen in the photo which it seems will no longer be the function ! Many caravan and beach hut owners observing the construction are asking the question will an North Easterly Gale come rolling up the beach ?

The theory which everyone hopes will prove true, is that the rock Groynes when completed will hold the sand and shingle in place  to provide the first line of sea defence.

Logistically all seems to be going well but the profits of the constructors must be taking a sharp knock due the the doubling of oil prices. The Council building plan looks to be the only ring fenced money maker only losers being council tax payers. Being able to witness the size and scope of the operation and thinking of camels treading Felixstowe sands  must  bring fresh admiration to realize just what was involved in constructing such buildings as the Cheops Pyramid.The construction theory on the left is very difficult to believe. The Pyramid is still with us after 2000 years

Theory = a concept that is not yet verified.

Will Felixstowe beach theory be sound.Will it last 50 years ???

Beach Recharge Felixstowe Camel Logistics

To build Cheops Pyramid took 2,300.000 2½ ton blocks  and one theory is that it would have taken 30 years and 100,000 men working a 12 hour day to have built it.

Theories come and theories go

Will Camels soon roam on Felixstowe’s lovely sandy beach?

The end of Felixstowe promenade before recharge

The end of Felixstowe promenade after recharge

Position of Felixstowe beach recharge as on 23 June 2008 from Manor Club Wall showing the wall built to repel the water which will now be covered.

Earlier picture taken in gale force conditions Felixstowe

Beach not Pyramid rocks  ready for use

Beginning of a tropical paradise sand sand sand Looking towards  Cobbold’s  Point from the Manor Club Wall Felixstowe