Warning Danger Zone Beach Hazards
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The Development Debate

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The Sandy Danger Zone

Family trying to reach the beach  on the South Sea Front at Felixstowe

Storm sculps sandy danger zone

Headlines Evening star  by Richard Cornwall in Evening Star 19 May 05

The article records the danger of the broken concrete groynes  that may tempt adventurous children to climb and brings attention to the five foot drop to the beach caused by winter erosion

Meanwhile diggers continue to clear the stones and make a spectacular  sight as rocks weighing many tons are piled into place

Old pictures of Felixstowe reveal how well the sea defence groynes  and the like were kept up in those days  which is sadly not true of present times for whatever the excuse.  Indeed Council plans to still build houses on the South Sea Front land staggars the imagination of residents and visitors alike, only metres away from where all this is going on.

Bring Your Own Ladder and Enjoy Felixstowe Beach

Bring Your own Ladder to get down to the beach such is the condition of Felixstowe beach now. The year's of maintenance  neglect on Felixstowe breakwaters is now having serious effects as to the use of the beach as a play area, for children and adults alike.