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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Beach Recharge Felixstowe Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow Felixstowe South Seafront

Progress of Beach Recharge  12 July 2008

No Access to the Beach for Caravan Owners

Beach recharge looking towards Harwich

Dumper Truck Transportation

Beach Hut Owners Watch Proceedings

Limited toilet facilities  for cut off beach hut owners Nowhere to go !  Sick council health and safety on going joke .

Beach recharge South Seafront Land Felixstowe Rainbow of Hope

Here is a fitting rainbow over the toilets on Felixstowe South Seafront which although badly needed by beach hut owners were closed long ago by the council  due to neglect and lack of maintenance. The rainbow signifies the promise that the earth will not be destroyed by flood in future years’.

The efforts at recharging the beach continue unabated as dumper trucks ferry the sand from the pumping station pipe along the beach towards the nature reserve further along the bay.