Stay of the Rocks Coasguard Pleas Felixstowe

2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

Stay Off The Rocks  Coastguard Plea Felixstowe

Stay off the Rocks

This is the warning from Coastguard's at Felixstowe. The School Holiday’s are now in full swing 24 July 2008 and worries have been expressed  that accidents could take place on the new sea defence Groynes. There is a  possibility of someone being trapped in the gaps in the rocks which are not designed for people to clamber about on.  The photograph at the top of this page shows the progress so far of the beach recharge with the rocks being assembled  for construction near  the nature reserve

Beach Recharge Rocks Being Assembled for Groynes

Completed Groynes

Shingle piled up ready for construction

Scale of operations

Rocks gleaming in Suntrap sunshine dredgers background

Not a Mirage but More Cranes  being transported for Felixstowe Port