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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bartlet Costing £1000 Per Week To Stand Empty

The magnificent Bartlet Convalescent Home which has stood empty now for six months  is costing £1000 every week.

The PCT chief executive responsible for closing  it has been asked to consider her position by John Gummer MP.

The figures put forward for closing the once state of the art home have been questioned and the need for it hotly debated,

The Bartlet became surplus to requirements following changes to convalescent care with patients now sent home from hospital to be looked after by travelling care teams. Who when needed are frequently hard to find.

Elderly people needing podiatry attention have been sent to the Bartlet Annexe for attention as there is no room  astonishingly  at the  recently refurbished community hospital.

Is Aneurin Bevan turning in his grave  over the present management of the NHS service

THE National Health Service came into being  in 1948 – 60 years ago  when thanks to Aneurin Bevan  For the first time in Britain – and indeed the world – anyone could be treated in hospital, consult a GP or visit a dentist or optician, irrespective of their status or means.

Aneurin Bevan