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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Felixstowe Carnival 2008 Theme Music

Ssnging in the rain ?

Felixstowe Carnival 2008 Theme Music...singing in the rain?

The musical theme chosen for the 2008 Felixstowe was well presented by floats and fancy dress  as participants dodged the showers at  the annual Felixstowe Carnival.

Carnival Queen Casey Amass and Princesses Grace Lake and Sharnah- Rose Foley can just be seen below behind the umbrellas, proving that it only rains at the suntrap when it is  slightly wet.

Felixstowe Town Crier Announcing the procession

Felixstowe Carnival Court  with Umbrellas

Summer Holidays Tropical Music Setting  Float Floating Along

Felixstowe TV in action with  waterproofed Cameraman and advisor

Musical Majorettes

Collecting buckets with a musical theme

The Fight to save the save the head and neck cancer

at Ipswich Hospital was brought before the carnival revelers as signatures for the petition were collected.

The proposed bed push arranged by Councillor Michael Ninnmey  had to be abandoned due to the weather but a people carrier was used instead to enable  the signing of the petition.