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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Lidl Store Plan Felixstowe Proposed Rejection

Refusal Recommendations

Refusal of the planning application to build a Lidl supermarket on the disused Felixstowe Bus Station  are being put forward to the district council’s south area development  control sub-committee due to meet 21 August 2008.

Resident’s are furious concerning this  as they believe that this development would regenerate the area  and has  been welcomed by those living nearby. The Suffolk Coastal Planners say that the application is piecemeal and are concerned over potential flooding in a sea surge.

Once more the planners appear to be acting out a fanciful Batman Movie playing the part of the joker thwarting community concerns .

As observers hold their breath as to if the current beach defence work is going to be successful, Questions are being asked  if    house building should be permitted now on the South Seafront Land  in that the feared sea surge (which would be much closer and severe )  should  be taken into account after recent experience.  The earlier sea surge situation was only saved by good fortune of  tide timing  and a change of wind direction  saving the area from flooding. To build new houses and to put lives and property at risk is surely unacceptable.

Felixstowe’s Disused Bus Station

Lidl Consultation  and opportunity to have your say

Lidl Building Plans

Bus station  surrounded by  Lidl fence