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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Mission Aviation Fellowship Visit Felixstowe

Travellers on the Felixstowe Open Top Bus might be forgiven for taking a second look at a plane parked along Langer Road Felixstowe in front of the River Of Life Church?

A World evangelist perhaps, the Pope or some other dignitary.

No it was in fact the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) with the plane and a 50 foot trailer  featuring a full flight interior and simulator. This was to bring attention the work of the MAF  which has 130 planes in 30 countries  and flies in medical care and emergency aid  to remote areas Providing spiritual care and help. The situation in East Anglia  must be considerable different for

crews  who specialize in flying across deserts,  mountains,  swamps and jungles to places where it would take  days and weeks to reach because of impassible Roads or non existing routes.

Click here for more information on the Missionary Aviation Web Site


MAF Plane Parked outside River of Life church

50 foot trailer and wind sock