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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Sea Level Rise Stark House Building Warning

Council Building Plans Stark Visual Warning

A stark visual warning was apparent to the many thousands of visitors  to the hot rod display along Felixstowe’s Promenade 23 August 2008. There on the beach near the Spa Pavilion three beach huts placed so that the in coming tide gradually swirls round them really do communicate the impact of sea level rise will have on the area.

The first impression is “are Victorian bathing machines being phased back in ?” and then the real message presents itself as to the possibilities of a Felixstowe without beach huts or promenade as a result of global warming.

This successful presentation really does make you stop and think.  The huts are semi-transparent made of fibre glass and illuminated at night. Artist Jan Candy is responsible together with art group purplesnail and the installation is called 100:50  because the North Sea is predicted will rise by at least 50 centimetres in the coming years.

Will this message have any effect on  councillors who plan to build 158 houses  on the South Seafront Land shortly.

Watch this space.