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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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St Peter’s Parish Church

Was the scene for the Goggleshall Flower Festival 23-26 August 2008. The theme  for this year was  ‘Women in the Bible’  and outstanding displays of flower arranging covered all aspects that women have played in the bible.

  From  Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Flood, Sarah and Hagar, Miriam Watching  over Moses, Delilah and Samson,  Bathsheba and David,  the story of Ruth, The Nativity, Mary and Martha, the raising of Lazuras, Pilate’s Wife has a dream,  The Crucifixion,  Burial, and the  Easter Day centre point of the display.

  The 2008 Flower Festival “Songs of Praise” evening service  presented the Christian Gospel Message in the clearest of terms with bible readings and illustrations from the floweral displays  the musical presentations featured the work of

 R Vaughan Williams and with dignity must have presented a much alive Church of England at it’s best

Parish Church of St Peter ad Vincula Coggeshall

Goggelshall one of the ancient wool Towns