Saving Bletchley Park
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Saving Bletchley Park

Saving Bletchley Park

Ex Post Office and BT staff have happy memories of training at Bletchley Park throughout their careers of yesteryear. It comes therefore as a bit of a shock to hear that it may well have to close..

Despite being code named Station X – and the driving force behind Britain's attempts to break the codes used by German forces it receives no Government funding and relies on visitor income and donations.

The recent 8th annual Churchill Reunion combined the the 2008 Enigma reunion featuring a look alike Churchill plus Churchill’s personal Rolls Royce and cigars with talks, films and displays.

The important historic buildings are in serious disrepair and now houses a museum of computing, hosts special events to celebrate the importance of the Enigma code breakers and there are educational events, courses and learning materials for students of all ages.

 100 scientists have written an open letter to The Times calling for Bletchley Park to be preserved for the nation.

It is possible to Petition the Prime Minister the deadline to sign up by is 28 May 2009

 To date nearly 15000 signatures have been collected

Click here to go the the petition web site.

Click here to go to the Bletchley Park Web Site  

Drumhead service taking place in front of Bletchley Mansion

Dressed for the part

Winston Look Alike

Post Office Museum

Welcome to Bletchley Park

National Museum of Computing

Working Models

Operational ZX81

The Rebuilt Colossus Code Breaking Computer