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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Beach Levels Felixstowe October 2008

Beach Levels Felixstowe October 2008

Picture left shows beach level after recharge and Groyne Construction with tides washing sand away and creating an escarpment along the South Sea Front at Felixstowe.

Officials are confident that all is well for the future and want proposed building of new homes to take place as soon as possible.

To the layman though the incoming tides look perilously close  to the promenade  and many doubters think the winter gales may well test the “ok for 50 years  council statements “ as perhaps being a little brash.

Time tide wind and storm will tell and test out the theories, Let’s hope that the beach recharge haled to be a success will in fact continue be so be

Felixstowe Beach Escarpment

Contractors Base Camp Clearance

Plaque of South Felixstowe Flood Alleviation Scheme

Clearance completion

South Felixstowe Flood Alleviation Plinth