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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Will the Felixstowe South Seafront Development Martello Park be delayed?

 With the credit crunch and financial situation October 2008 Suffolk Coastal District Council have stated that they have no investments in the Icelandic banks and that the East Lane Bawdsey Coastal Scheme Protection funding and commitment is fully guaranteed.

  However the Martello Park Felixstowe development with Bloors may take longer to come to fruition because of the fragile state of the housing market.

 So the Council South Seafront fiasco continues for a scheme that clearly no one wanted and which is going to cost council tax payers so much more in the long run.

 The early statements by the Suffolk preservation society  that  project must not be reliant on housing to fund it, have now come home with new  prophetic meaning to the embarrassment of the councillors concerned, and lessons of history clearly not learned  of council decisions made over 20 years ago which has caused more loss of revenue than any benefits  now promised.

'Martello Park'  Felixstowe and Credit Crunch

Bawdsey Manor

Felixstowe development with Bloors delay?