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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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North Easterly Winds and Rough Seas Felixstowe  1 November  2008

1st November 2008 saw Felixstowe with fairly rough seas

A north easterly wind  tried out Felixstowe’s new beach defence levels and the pictures on the left tell the story.

The beach drop  caused by the tides on the south seafront is clearly  seen  as children clamber up  away from the sea.

In the past these waves would have been washing the promenade with the high winds and wave force coming in.

The closeness of incoming tide to the promenade can also  be seen, and this is before the winter storms begin.

The economic downturn has delayed council house building on the land close by,   but the wisdom of doing this with global warming etc, must surely now be considered.