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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Comparing Felixstowe and Glastonbury Carnival

Comparing Felixstowe and Glastonbury Carnivals

The spectacular  3 hour procession that takes place at the Glastonbury Carnival is an experience that visitors travel far and wide to see.

Comparison to Felixstowe Carnival would hardly be fair  simply from the different scale of the events but perhaps encouragement can be obtained

The degree of community keenness and the devotion of those taking part as they put  everything in such exhausting performances has to be observed to be believed.

The story of Joseph (picture left ) with such a colourful display of lights that the technicolor coat  must have been the brightest seen at any of the performances throughout the country was just one of the exciting displays in the procession at Glastonbury

So what comparison can be made?

It is not just sponsorship or the lack of it in Felixstowe area but the sense of community that is obvious present with the dedication of the carnival committees in the west country.

The participants  taking part showing such dedication that really brings the success.

Felixstowe has much to look forward to and not the least in future  processions and events along the lovely suntrap seafront.