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Re-design group. Felixstowe General Hospital.

Re-design group. Felixstowe General Hospital.

By Doreen Rayner

I am a member the above group, representing the West End of Felixstowe (South.) Residents Association. Members and other residents may be interested in the following.

Bartlet Hospital.

Although there is mention of three million pounds (recent Press report) in the consultation document (2004) there is no specification available which underpins that figure.

Asbestos no plans to close the Bartlet.

The recent discovery of asbestos may become a building issue with more money than at first envisaged to he spent upon it. Any investment plans would require a public meeting to take place.

One of the reasons given for demolition of the Herman de Stern, a former Convalescent Home (built 1902) standing on south sea front land was the discovery of asbestos in the building. It is known, however, that asbestos may he safely removed from older buildings as well as successfully sealed in, with no risk to occupants.

Felixstowe General Day Clinics.

All hospital beds have been moved to the Bartlet, and efforts are being made to better inform local GP 's and Felixstowe, Walton, Trimley and Kirton residents of the number and sorts of clinics now available at the Felixstowe General.

It has been suggested that, at the point of referral to Ipswich Hospital patients Could ('if they wish) ask their GP it is possible to meet with a Consultant and to receive suggested treatment at the Felixstowe General.

Under-use of facilities currently available could result in closure. Treatment available a/the EGH is equal to that provided at Ipswich; a long and tiring twenty-four miles round trip to Heath Road Hospital could he a thing of the past, less time will he spent in a waiting area, and there are no car parking charges'.

The EGH provides Xray, Ultrasound and ECG (heart) facilities, plus a Minor Injuries Unit as' well as other numerous clinics, for all age groups. It is also possible for some Cancer patients to receive Chemotherapy at Felixstowe rather than at Ipswich. Be sure to pick up an information leaflet from the Felixstowe General in Constable Road.

Doreen Rayner, Chairman, WEERA.