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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Time to Face up to Flood Risk Building Felixstowe Felixstowe4

Council plans to build on the South Seafront at Felixstowe Unbelievable !

Had the credit crunch  problems not have come into effect house building would  have commenced  on the south seafront  at Felixstowe September 2008.

Visitors, walkers hut owners  and observers of the power of the sea in the area  constantly express utter unbelief at council actions in this respect, and wonder what the real reason behind  these plans.

Press commentary on “ time to face up to flood risk “ and the environmental agency statements that flood defences reduce but do not completely remove the likelihood of flooding and can be over topped or fail in extreme weather conditions.

 These facts seem to fall on deaf ears  for those planning  the  south seafront venture  and for some reason seem unable to face up to the stated flood risk  with the cost and misery of  home flooding that is so often featured  on TV today

Residents fears that concreting over the soak away land will increase risk to present properties has been well cited and the misery and risk to life of this foolhardy venture continues to worry residents  in the area.

Blue flood risk area

Rapidly disappearing beach again