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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Prayer Week at Felixstowe 2009

Prayer week at Felixstowe January 2009

The annual churches together prayer week  was held at the Trinity Methodist Church Hamilton Road Felixstowe.

Various areas around the church were laid out for specific needs., both home and abroad.

These included Korea with a display featuring the experience of the Korean churches, the suffering and persecution endured  by Christians  in this country.

There was an area for remembering those who had died or suffered in conflict in war zones around the world.

A meeting tent to explore common ground between faiths , a reconciling place with the opportunity to make a contribution to human needs.

A power point display to aid reflection  a craft table to express prayers visually and put on display  at the reconciling place.

An opportunity to light a candle to remember any for whom concern is felt.

A map was  on display of Felixstowe to focus on people and places  that all might live in harmony in the town.