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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Beach Levels Felixstowe January 2009

Beach Levels Felixstowe January 2009       

Felixstowe’s lovely sandy beach is still finding it’s own level as can be seen from these photographs taken 20th January 2009.

Walkers and enthusiasts taking the wonderful bracing sea air look with concern though at the closeness the gradual levelling process is taking towards the promenade sea wall.

Will the beach, (the first line of defence) still be there after the coming high tides and the hope is that gales will not coincide with these.

The incredible amount of sand that was deposited at the Manor End of the promenade  which made the prom  level with the beach can  seen to be  still in place . However the closeness of the sea once more to the promenade is also apparent