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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Stinking Goosefoot Chenopodium vulvaria

Stinking Goosefoot (Chenopodium vulvaria), or Notchweed, is a foul-smelling plant or weed. The plant is a member of the genus ,Chenopodium the goosefoots. The specific epithet comes from the Latin term vulvarius "having a foul smell" in reference to the fishy odour of crushed leaves.

Stinking Goosefoot Found on  Felixstowe South Seafront

Excitement knew no bounds

On Felixstowe South Seafront when it was revealed that Stinking Goosefoot had been discovered on the South Seafront Land at Felixstowe.

Wooden posts have been installed on land to the right of the Martello Tower “P”  in front of the wave wall and behind the promenade.

Workman  are at the moment 27 January 2009 drilling holes through the posts to accommodate  a rope so that the area is protected from damage of tramping feet,

The area is going to be signed to indicate the facts behind the discovery  and to inform the public concerning the plant.

Nice thick rope Now in place