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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Demolition Second to None Council Achievement Felixstowe

Council Demolition caused a smile from walkers  and observers today 11 February 2009

Workmen Continued demolishment on the South Seafront land by removing the concrete posts surrounding the Martello Tower “P”  at Felixstowe as can be seen from this photographs.

The skill of the workman  needed some appreciation in removing the posts without destroying the 250 year old listed metal railings which are unique  in the country.

The only problem for them must have been the gate as seen below which is held up by the concrete posts

However residents need have no fear for security of the site  as the keep out sign and a sturdy padlock is still in situ  on the gate.

The Council probably hope that the public will do the true British thing and not walk round the posts.

A Gate too Far nicely padlocked  with keep out notice