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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Felixstowe Demolition Decisions  

Vandalism has been attacked as being senseless, mindless and a scourge of our times. Property  and useful amenities such as toilets and the like destroyed with thousands of pounds worth of damage committed  each year. However it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the difference when a lovely building like Felixstowe Beach Station is destroyed overnight  with such urgency and then the land left desolate for years.  Do those engaged in such vandalism need to be brought to account.  Demolition  seems to take place with sickening regularity in Felixstowe once described as the holiday gem of the East Coast reduced  by council action to the state it is in today. Listed below are just a few demolition tragedies  at the suntrap

Felixstowe Beach Station Demolished

Residents were disturbed early Easter Sunday Morning with the noise of this beautiful architecture being destroyed.. Now wasteland

Doomed ! not in council plan. “We badly need a theatre” council joke! We had one but neglected and demolished Now wasteland  

Marriages Mill Demolished

Mr Lucas one time Manager at the Mill expressed regret that the 100 year old mill would now become part of the Felixstowe Dock Complex

Coastguard Cottages Demolished

Queen Victoria would not be amused. Not in Council Plan what the war effort could not do, council stealthily manages to destroy

Lidl Supermarket will soon stand where Felixstowe Bus Station once stood  

Felixstowe’s latest demolition February 2009 happy holiday makers will now be able to shop instead of arrivals and departures  

In the night Cavendish Hotel Demolition

Art Deco listing ? Sudden need to destroy now desolate except for Sunday market

Victorian Shelter dismantled

100 year old Edwardian 'Long Shelter' demolished because of structural problems

Herman De Stern Council Neglect and Demolishment

Orford Road Council demolition  houses

Council Demolition of perfectly good houses in preparation of Martello Park Building Scheme fiasco