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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Beach Levels end of February 2009 Felixstowe Sand sand glorious sand Smile and click on the You Tube Video

The beautiful  sandy  tropical beach at Felixstowe

Can be seen in these pictures, the escarpment has almost gone and danger to children   has lessened over the last two weeks as more and more sand has disappeared into the sea.

Problems brought about by the sand though can be seen from these photos as the increased height  level of the beach has brought about the need for the boating enthusiasts to remove the sand in order to open the gate so that boats can be launched from the  compound near Manor Terrace Car Park.

Will the exhausting work of removing the sand have to be done all over again though when tides are high again.

Little of the escarpment left now Felixstowe South Seafront

Sand has to be cleared before the flood gates can be closed

Keeping fit  having to move  a few sand castles worth of sand

Will be a Tourist Paradise aid to “Felixstowe Regeneration”  

Pity the council wants to build  houses on the land.