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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Beach Station Felixstowe Destruction Anniversary

Felixstowe Beach Station Destruction 5th Anniversary

Easter Holiday makers tourists, visitors and residents paused to read the memorial tag and information on the wreath displayed on the fence where once stood the Magnificent Felixstowe Beach Railway Station. This read :-

“In memory of the most

Historically Important

Railway Station on the

Felixstowe Peninsula

Needlessly Destroyed

By British Rail Agency

In 2004”

For five years the site has been a wasteland  as can be seen from the photographs and is a sad introduction to Felixstowe for visitors from the nearby caravan site who pass each day on the way to the beach.

Questions by those who knew what things were like in yesteryear can only be ? How can a Council allow a thing like this to happen.

It seems that the only thing learnt from history is that lessons are not learned.

Below is a summary of what can only be called corporate vandalism that is allowed to take place in Felixstowe the once gem of the East Coast Holiday Trade