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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Flood Awareness Exhibition Felixstowe

Flood Awareness Exhibition 17 April 2009 Spa Car Park Felixstowe

The Environment Agency Exhibition was on hand with advice with regard to flooding and what to do when this takes place.

A computer generated postcode map was on display to show the estimated likely hood of future flooding and was very worrying to see the expected results.

Grab bags were being given away with the suggestion to keep important items with a flood plan and such things a house insurance documents  and the like.

Perhaps it would be a good thing if the Council insisted that the builder included such a grab bag with the deeds on the new houses the Council plans to shortly build  on the South Seafront Floodplain which increasingly  looks rather foolish to say the least.

The latest plans to build these higher on a level with the sea wall to prevent damage when flooding takes place might be comforting to new owners  but the damage to properties in the surrounding area because of the reduced soak away is causing concern to present residents.

Also the considerable drainage  maintenance costs to tax payers and the likely hood of claims against the council when damage is caused because of such an incompetent scheme does not bear thinking about.