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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Jim the Barber raising the hackles

Haircuts while you wait

Felixstowe is the place for the sun, Also it can repair your sense of humour . As per the notice that  can be seen outside Jim's shop

The Felixstowe Town Crier is a monthly  publication eagerly awaited by residents  for news articles and adverts of a local nature.

In the April issue Editor Stuart Ashworth

Makes the following comment

Editor's note. I've mentioned

previously that I do not endorse

everything that is written for the

Town Crier. Jim Adams' comments raise the hackles of many people in the town, but he is entitled to his views and 1 think it right that his column appears in my paper. Feel free to disagree with him, reply to some of his controversial remarks,

because he may just be acting as a

prize wind-up merchant. Free

speech/writing and tolerance are

worth protecting. (F A)