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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Water Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink Felixstowe South Seafront

Water water everywhere but not for Felixstowe beach hut owners.

It was a question of bring your own water for beach hut owners on Felixstowe South Seafront  when contractors for the Council inadvertently cut of the water supply with the recent  demolishment of the South seafront toilets.

The beach hut owners have had to do without water,toilets, bins etc in a third world type environment brought on by council actions for the area.

It seems demolition work is just about complete  on the South seafront site now with the destruction of the Herman De Stern the historic Coastguard Cottages and anything in the way of the council project for the land.

This has seen Council policy turned on its head as regards the Area Plan and  Government Guidelines with regards to building on a flood plain, leaving many residents concerned that the risk of flooding for present properties  is being greatly increased by destroying the natural water soak away

 building of houses on the flood plain at Felixstowe  

Give us a drink mum!

Beach Hut Owners Enjoying the Suntrap Sunshine at Felixstowe