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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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House Building Doubts Renewed Felixstowe

30 April 2009 saw a letter delivered by the Environment Agency renewing residents  doubts as to the wisdom of building on Felixstowe Seafront Flood Plain.

This letter gave warning to residents that work was due to start again on the south sea front area and had information about the work that was due to take place as follows

Groyne Settlement

Over the winter months natural processes have acted to bring the beach to a natural profile and some settlement of the groynes has also occurred. As beach systems are dynamic this settlement is perfectly normal, and fully anticipated.

Due to this settlement of the groynes some of the rock has moved out of place and this needs

to be rectified to avoid further "unravelling" of the armour

Required works

The following maintenance work needs to be carried out to maintain the integrity of the rock groynes and keep the beach a safe place for all users:

The works need to be carried out before the main summer season to minimise the impact to the public.

A small site compound will be set up near Manor Road and works access will be via the Manor End flood gate.

The works will commence 4th May and will take no longer than two weeks. No closure of the promenade will be required, there will only be a need to close off areas of the beach local to the works.

Most of the works required are at the seaward end of the groynes leaving the upper part of the beach at the groynes open to the public. All works will be planned in such a way that they will cause minimal disruption to sea front users.

Is it wise to build new  houses  where the sea can unravel the armour of the groynes ?

Is the council ignoring Government guidelines with  regards to building on a Flood Plain ?