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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Martello Park  Felixstowe Wow becomes Woe

The once stated Wow factor for Martello Park has become very much a Woe factor

The June Council elections has seen a flurry of Emails and election communications  regarding future plans and past failures for the schemes in the Felixstowe area.

Mike Ninnmey one of the Lib Dem Councillors has described the 2002 Conservative Cabinet Member original description of the South Seafront scheme  as a ‘Wow’  to be now very much ‘Woe’.

The developer in May 2009 yet to sign, and the public  realm benefits apparently shrunk to a kiosk and a space on the demolished Herman De stern  for someone else to build a restaurant.

Felixstowe resort regeneration to be more of a potential housing development in Felixstowe’s last prime seafront site.

Martello Park with Martello ‘P’ standing forlornly with gate all  other historical building having been demolished by the council.

Two day’s of high easterly wind  May 13-14 2009 produced this alarming beach drop again at Manor End  close to where the council intend to build houses on the flood plain