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2009 Felixstowe’s Fine

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Don’t Vote Conservative Felixstowe Plea

Elections June 4th 2009

A flurry of political activity has begun in the area for elections to be held on June 4th 2009

These elections are for European Parliamentary and Suffolk County Council elections - 4 June 2009

Local elections - 4 June 2009

Felixstowe South East Ward (Suffolk Coastal District Council)

Action Group (STAG)  Save Trimley Against Growth. & Save Felixstowe Countryside have produced information concerning the issues they are trying to address.

The request is to vote for  representatives who will represent the views of their electors and not just adhere to a party line

The Stag web  site is  http://www.savetrimley.co.uk/

Recent voting  concerning houses to be built around Felixstowe

Local Party Positions On Housing Exposed At Felixstowe Town Council Meeting – 9/2/09

Don't want masses of houses,

don't vote Tory!

False Fact 1 - The Government requires large numbers of houses to be built around Felixstowe.

False Fact 2 - Felixstowe needs an extra 1740 houses just to stand still.

False Fact 3 - Felixstowe needs houses to reduce commuting to the town.

False Fact 4 - Houses are needed as a result of expansion at the port.

False Fact 5 - Traffic on the A14 and through the Trimley villages will not be affected.

False Fact 6 - There is a lack of Brownfield land in Felixstowe to satisfy housing needs.

False Fact 7 - Felixstowe has an ageing population, compounded by young people moving out.

Window Poster by STAG