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2011 Felixstowe Not Quite Heaven?

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Environmental  Agency  Reducing  Flood  Risk Exercise 9 March 2011
The environmental agency  Incident response exercise got under way  at The South Seafront  on 9th March 2011 with an arctic bringing sand bags and metal staging to carry out the practice.
The scenario was if the sea gates could not be closed for whatever reason then the incident response team would spring into action to save the day.
The practice looked well worth while as the sand bags  stacked expertly to cover the small gate looked as if they might stem the tide, but observing the metal barrier erected in front of the large sea gate which took some time to put up, gave a different impression. Indeed a passer by was heard to remark “ well it looks as if it might last at least 3 minutes” and having observed men trying to shut the gate previously with storm waves crashing in I am tempted to agree.
Thankfully the  environmental agencies “ reducing the flood risk in your community notice “ is spot on target.
The council stance in encouraging the building of houses shortly on the flood plain close to where all this is taking place  is another matter.
BBC cameraman catches some of the action shots
Expertly  Stacking the Sand Bags  ........ Would residents in the big society be able to do this ???
Hard work even for the smallest gate that is never opened ... It’s a bit of a cheek ???
The Council’s  apparent plan to assist the environment agency is to build houses near this spot
Construction under way in front of the flood gate  the chains below to keep the plastic in place
Residents who have witnessed beach huts just picked up and thrown over the wall  know that one wave would destroy this construction   evaluation results of the exercise  will no doubt give consideration to this fact.